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We provide bespoke support and help to volunteer young people. adults and community members, with many creative ideas and projects both locally and regionally.

We are constantly, adapting and diversifying to ever changing needs of our community.

Food and Hardship Partnership Hub


SCA community space and members allows us to host and facilitate partnership projects for the locally community of North Kent. Targeting Families and Young People on low income and those struggling with the cost of living. 

Our community hub is a multipurpose centre, that provides a range of cost effective services to the local community, and our members with the potential to constantly develop new services in response to changing community needs. Our approach is underpinned by the principles of community involvement and partnership.

Our Hub is: 


  • Local people are involved in decision making about how the service is run and how it is managed.

  • The delivery is supported through volunteering.

  • WE Understand local needs and constantly listen to out community.



  • The Community Hub is multi-purpose, and is providing and hosting a range of activities and services that are used by lots of different people.

  • We believe the range of services reflect the local need and can be delivered by local people.


Enterprising and resilient

  • A range of income sources are developed to cover the costs of running of the Hub, through diversifying income and by demonstrating impact and social value. 

  • Grants

  • Donations

  • Hiring out space

  • Delivering contracts

  • Training

Our community hub make use of good ideas and resources within the community and adapts to ever changing circumstances. 

We aim to  :-

  • Build cohesive and resilient communities.

  • Build better and more integrated services.

  • Build community-led regeneration.

  • Build the skills of service users and volunteers​.

Food, Fun Activities and Hardship Community Project's

Previous collaborations

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Acts 2 and sca care in the community RED.jpg

The role of the Safer Communities Alliance (SCA) was to coordinate and develop opportunities for joint working with the small charities who were impacted by Covid-19, develop events within ethnically diverse communities and to bring services and communities together.

Stepping out
The ‘Stepping Out’ programme was a collaboration of small charities and communities working together to tackle inequalities and grassroot issues within vulnerable and ethnically diverse communities across North Kent (in particular in Northfleet, Swanscombe, Gravesend, Wilmington, Greenhithe, Dartford and Stone). To deliver the ‘Stepping Out’ programme, SCA worked with Refocus Project Ltd, YGM Dance Academy, All Shades of Life and Box out of It.

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