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Community Projects

Our Team.

Our team is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. We believe that this diversity brings social value and coproduction to the forefront of what we do. Our dedicated staff, including teaching, ex-service users, ounselling, and  other professions have a pool of expertise, are committed to providing a compassionate and inclusive service to all who seek our assistance.



“The ethos of our work is based around an approach called asset-based community development. We provide a safe space for people to come, to meet others,, to get connected with people they don’t know, to learn from and support each other.  Giving them a sense of belonging , ownership and well being. The Hub is utilised by its community and members to deliver and facilitate partnership projects for the North Kent. Targeting Families and Young People from low income, Marginalised and diverse struggling with the cost of living.

A multipurpose centre, that provides a range of cost effective services to the local community, and our members with the potential to constantly develop new services in response to changing community needs.


  • Local people are involved in decision making about how the service is run and how it is managed.

  • The delivery is supported through volunteering.

  • We understand local needs and constantly listen to out community.


Our Unity hub makes use of good ideas and resources within the community and adapts to ever changing circumstances. 

We aim to  :-​

  • Build cohesive and resilient communities.

  • Build better and more integrated services.

  • Build community-led regeneration.

  • Build the skills of service users and volunteers​.


Unity Hub is a One-stop destination for resources related to community welfare. Our team of experts works in partnership with our members and collaborators to deliver a range of events and activities that empower and unite the community. We offer form filling support, practical guidance, and serve warm meals. Our visitors can also benefit from our Ukrainian Hub, Energise, exercise and activities, meals, coffee mornings, hardship grants, and food & community donation projects. Our Warm Hub is here to serve with compassion and care.



The Ukrainian Hub Dartford and surrounding areas. Our organisation is committed to providing a space for Ukrainian young people and families to connect with one another, socialise, and practice English in a comfortable environment. Our monthly meetings are funded by Dartford Borough councillors and KCC home for Ukrainians and provide a welcoming space for Ukrainians in the area.

Fo more details contact Anna -



Our partners and team are dedicated to creating positive change and safe spaces for low-income families and young people in our community. An early help provision, that provides opportunities to volunteers, be signposted, referred and share practical resources Our projects provide access to resources and support, helping families enjoy holidays and create lasting memories. We also offer coffee mornings and budget cooking sessions to help families make ends meet. Learn more about our recent projects and Donate to our feeding families through fundraising initiative. More enquiries - contact Lois Ball


Below the Energise team 



Safer Communities Alliance and Acts 2 cic collaboration. We understand that many families and individuals struggle to put food on the table. That's why 42000 meals have been distributed in the past three years, to Bexley, Crayford and Dartford. Whether on low-income, fleeing domestic violence, unemployed, shielding from COVID, coping with serious illness or dealing with bereavement, we offer healthy meals to help ease the financial burden. Contact us

Funded by the lottery.

Acts 2 and sca care in the community RED.jpg


Our Dartford warm hub spaces initiative, in partnership collaborations with volunteers, organisations and Businesses, was initially funded by Dartford Borough Council in 2022.Reaching over 300 chyoung people and families, during the winter periods and throughout the year.  It is now funded by the National Lottery /Cost of Living Homes office grant and is now in North Kent. 

Do take a look at the report. 

SCA) Community Warm Hub Risk Assessment

SCA /Warm hub report 2022/23



The ‘Stepping Out’ and many other programme are a collaboration of small charities and communities working together to create diversionary projects for young people, tackle inequalities, and provide  subsidised activities to reach grass root issues within vulnerable, marginalised and ethnically diverse communities across North Kent (in particular in Northfleet, Swanscombe, Gravesend, Wilmington, Greenhithe, Dartford and Stone). Own 2020 during the pandemic we raised grant for small organisations to pull together and deliver the ‘Stepping Out’ programme, SCA worked with Refocus Project Ltd, YGM Dance Academy, All Shades of Life and Box out of It.



Enterprise and resillience

  • A range of income sources are developed to cover the costs of running of the Unity Hub, through diversifying income and by demonstrating impact and social value. 

  • Grants

  • Donations

  • Hiring out space

  • Delivering contracts

  • Training

  • Meals

  • Consultation

  • We are very proud of our collaborations with many organisations and generate joint work back office support and shared resources to avoid huge expenses

Our Unity hub make use of good ideas and resources within the community and adapts to ever changing circumstances. 

We aim to  :-

  • Build cohesive and resilient communities.

  • Build better and more integrated services.

  • Build community-led regeneration.

  • Build the skills of service users and volunteers​.


Policies and Safeguarding 

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