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SCA Corporate structure, Management and the Supervisory function. The corporate structure is a CIC established in January 2020 with a Board of three independent Directors. The management is Bali Rodgers reporting directly to the Board, which includes John Nicholson, Lennox Rodgers and Ceri Griffiths at present. 



Bali Rodgers

Bali Rodgers is the manager of the SCA and also the Co-Manager and co founder of Refocus, a crime prevention and early intervention service, she undertook fundraising, procurement and partnership development, alongside training and supervision over 15 years. 

As a trained life coach, Bali specialises in behaviour management, development and breaking negative cycles, particularly in work supporting families. Her extensive experience has helped her to understand communities and grass root issues. Bali is a qualified coach, group therapist and counsellor, who has worked in the substance misuse field for 20 years, with the NHS, Turning Point, Bromley Community Safety and the Kenward Trust.  She developed a women’s therapeutic residential community, that she ran for 6 years and also helped develop a detoxification centre, as both a counsellor and group facilitator.

She has acted as a youth worker, managed a community development project with community groups and developed a family and carer’s service. She was responsible for small grants, done several documentaries with the BBC,  Five Live and has lobbied several issues in BAME communities through the Guardian newspaper, the Big issue and by running awareness conferences and events .  


As a UK wide level 4 diversity trainer she lectured at Canterbury university lecturing, public health and Bromley Metropolitan police. She is tenacious and always looking for opportunities to improve and provide better services and to stands against injustice. She is excited to see how she can help the SCA and explore ways inspire to inspire members to work together and most of all help young people and communities to reach their full potential.

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John was previously involved in Sales and Marketing in the financial services industry in The City of London. After a failed suicide attempt, John realised it was time to change career and start focusing on people in difficult situations. His mission is to bring hope and opportunity to vulnerable people of all ages to make their lives that bit better". 

John Nicholson 


Ceri is a Qualified teacher, she has helped with behaviour management in primary schools. She comes from a multicultural background and was also a foster parent. She was a Missionary in West Africa for 6 years as a teacher and pastoral carer. She managed "A passion for Africa" charity  and has substantial experience mentoring, coaching, motivational speaking and retired minister. 

Ceri Griffiths

Jane Ashton 

Jane was High Sheriff of Kent 2018-2019. As Her Majesty the Queen's representative for Law and Order in the county she engaged with many organisations working in the criminal justice as well as charitable sectors. Previously she taught religious studies (primarily philosophy) at secondary level and was a school chaplain (lay) for many years. She is acutely aware of the pressing need for support, encouragement and direction for young people today in light of the many challenges they face. She is delighted to become Patron for SCA and greatly looks forward to working together.


Jane is also involved with a number of other charities, as well as church based initiatives, both in the county and further afield. She is married to Hubert, a lawyer, and they live near Tenterden. They have four grown up children as well as an ever increasing number of grandchildren.



We are developing a team of volunteers, supporter and experts who are also happy to work behind the scenes and provide support where it can be provided to the directors and members.

  • We have received financial help to develop the SCA from the Don Hanson charitable foundation and Colyer Fergusson charitable trust.

  • We have had the help to pay for our future launch and website from Kent Community Foundation and The Lawson Trust. 

  • A continuation of funds is needed for core costs, expenses, events, filming, support to fundraise and ongoing long term income.

  • We are also happy to receive advice, guidance and support if there are opportunities to get this from stakeholders, donors, volunteer support, Skill sets, mentors in order to help our members to the best of our ability.



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