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Diversity & Inclusion statement 

Individuals with different cultures, perspectives and experiences are at the heart of the way SCA works. We want to recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people, regardless of their background and make best use of their skills, recognising the enrichment that this brings to our organisation and the wider community. At SCA we are guided by our values in everything we do and recognise that being a diverse and inclusive employer helps us to fulfil our responsibility to make a difference for our staff, stakeholders and beneficiaries. 

We seek to develop a work environment where we treat all employees as individuals, fairly and in a consistent way. We work within the spirit and the practice of the Equality Act 2010 by promoting a culture of respect and dignity and actively challenging discrimination, should it ever arise and across all protected characteristics. We will remove unnecessary barriers for our employees’ seeking opportunities through training and development, promotion and career planning, making reasonable adjustments where they are required and where it will enhance the experience for them. 

We will continue to support our leaders, members, staff, volunteers, and stakeholders to demonstrate the principles of diversity and inclusion in their everyday activities, roles, and functions, with an intention of engendering a sense of belonging for everyone

Infrastructure support fund

We are thrilled to recieve funding from Kent County Council , Infrastructure support fund, our organisation to extend our help in the voluntary sector for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI). 

Here's what you can expect from our new DEI support initiative:

✅ One-on-One Support
We will be offering personalised support with a strong focus on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion. We'll help you address specific needs, fine-tune policies and procedures, break down barriers to accessing grants and engagement, and guide you in creating effective and inclusive DEI provisions that make a real impact in our communities.

✨ Events That Celebrate
We believe in recognising the champions within our communities. Our events will celebrate these individuals, share inspiring case studies, and discuss the importance of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion.

🤝 Connecting Communities
To foster stronger and more effective approaches, we'll provide support for grant givers and stakeholders. Together, we'll tackle barriers to accessing funding and build bridges that connect communities.
Exploring the impact of the cost of living on Marginalised and Diverse
charities, orgs and Communities. 
Enquire about how to access these valuable resources and support. 


Collaboration is key 🔑 less lonely in achieving our goals! 💪🏼💻🤝 and shared resources :

Our efforts to engage and support the community have had positive outcomes, with increased trust, consistency, participation, and demand on our volunteers and staff. 

Our collaborations with diverse groups, and initiators creates inclusivity, integration, and cohesion. Our hardship and cost-of-living support programmes have been instrumental in assisting young people and families facing financial difficulties, demonstrating our dedication to addressing systemic issues comprehensively and jointly.

We have facilitated strategic community-led ideas, joint working, collaborations, and partnerships with new members and 5 new community champions.

By identifying community strengths, needs, and skills, we help maximise impact and celebrate achievements

If you have any questions or want to learn more, feel free to reach out. Stay tuned or email us on for updates, and let's make a difference! 🌈✨

To book a 1 -1 session go to the following link or us


DEI Gatherings - Open forum 

In additon join us on this link on  Wednesday 1.30pm - 3pm for our DEI gathering

Specialising in:

Recruiting Diverse Teams: 

Organisational Culture: 

The law: 

The invisible power of Bias: 

Funding Empowerment:  

Community Engagement:  

DEI for the Voluntary sector : 

Intersectionality in DEI: 

Trauma-Informed Approach to DEI:

Adverse Childhood Experiences

(ACEs) as a DEI consideration:

Book in to dates enclosed click here. or go to linksbelow please register here: - or book through website and join on the zoom link at 1.30 pm See you there. Topic: DEI Open Forum Zoom - Join every Wednesday ZOOM  Meeting ID: 883 2765 8933 Passcode: 779881

Contact us to enquire

Cost We believe that anyone can make a positive difference in their community. Our training programs are designed to empower individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with young people. We also understand that cost can be a barrier for some, which is why we offer our products at a subsidised cost for members and a negotiated cost for non-members. Contact us today to learn more about our range of services and how we can help you make a real impact in your community.

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